April 24, 2013

My Big Day


Title Big Day?Actually LAPUK already (i mean only the DATE la yang LAPUK..not our married life)

Anyway, almost didn't upload our wedding picture in FB but will upload here (but not till 100 ++ photos~)

So for you friends, hopefully they aware about this title (since dah lama aku tak hapdate blog)

On 15Nov2012, lafaz 2 times (semua salah tok kadi since grammar sikit je tak betul), i'm officially be Mrs to cute husband in the world, Mr Khalil.

Happy face =)

Wedding reception 17NOV2012

I doesn't have any conceptS (even my childhood dream, when i got married, i really need like garden concept, be fairy princess, pakai gaun kembang bagai, naik kereta kuda). But when i turn to 25++ i believe, that is only dream and even i don't want to be like that!!!MALU~

So make it simple, no concept,no sanding,no pendekar silat, no karaoke (Yaa...almost no..Haha). Just makan beradab and sambut tetamu.

Anyway I'm not expert lipat2 sampin.

Most important in wedding (from my opinion) adalah kesudian kawan2 & saudara yg memang sanggup datang for celebrating our big day. Thanks all of you.

Geng UIA,SMAKL,SEK KEB SRI GOMBAK,RAKAN SEKERJA,BOS2 JEPUN..ramailaaa lagi..terharu sgt korang datang...

My sporting admin manager
Crazy & teman gaduh, my administrator(beside my husband)

General Manager(Ok ni kene behave,big boss katakan)
Kak Nora-My Senior 

For my family especially my mum and of coz my wali,aboh..Thanks for your restu..I have no idea how much had you sacrifice to make my big day come true...

To abg,

Thanks for being brave meet my parents (even we kenal each other less than month,crazy!).
Thanks for lafaz terima nikahnya...(which i have no idea what the feeling at that time)
Thanks for accept me whoever i am (my past very worst and u always say "please forget all dear,i accept u whoever u are NOW)-now..i'm crying bila taip..(touching plak)..
Thanks for being my listener especially when i recite al-Quran and then we argue about the tajwid.
Thanks for tahan telinga when i marah(walaupun takde sebab),mengamuk tetiba(ok i akan jadi baik)..
"Why u never ever mad to me even i marah tahpape dekat u??"-your answer simple "sbb syg jodoh abg..abg takkan marah"-oh crying again..

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